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Talend Open Studio for ESB User Guide

Talend Open Studio for ESB
Design and Development
Talend Studio

Powered by the leading Apache open source integration projects, Talend Open Studio for ESB is a versatile and flexible, enterprise service bus (ESB) that allows organizations to address any integration challenge - from simple departmental projects to complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Talend Open Studio for ESB makes enterprise-class integration accessible by delivering a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to integrate and expand systems and applications.

Talend Open Studio for ESB is a standards-based connectivity layer used to integrate distributed systems across functional, enterprise, and geographic boundaries. Capabilities include messaging, Web services, intelligent routing, and data transformation. Its modular, pluggable architecture allows it to be easily expanded to suit most enterprise requirements.

Talend Open Studio for ESB is also the first to combine application integration with data management to allow businesses to cope with the volume of data in an increasingly connected world. Talend Open Studio for ESB, through Talend Studio, enables developers to easily design reliable, scalable and secure REST, Web and data services to quickly integrate heterogeneous IT environments.

Talend Studio is an innovative, Eclipse-based tooling environment for modeling, configuring, and deploying integration solutions using the Apache-based open source Enterprise Service Bus, Talend Open Studio for ESB. Talend Studio speeds time to deployment by making developers more productive, allowing them to rapidly respond to integration requirements.

From Talend Studio, developers can increase the success of projects by identifying issues through automated tests during development, use Enterprise Integration Patterns to mediate messages between services without knowledge of deployment or container configuration details and quickly deploy Web services, data services, REST applications and mediation routes and manage upgrades through a centralized deployment console.