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You can access your account, subscription, license, and engine token consumption information on the SUBSCRIPTION page in Talend Cloud Management Console.

Account information

  • Account name
  • Account ID

Subscription information

  • Start date
  • Expiry date
  • License type
  • Available applications
  • Support level

License information

  • Number of available engine tokens
  • Number of used Cloud Engines
  • Number of used Remote Engines and Remote Engines for Pipelines
  • Number of available seats per application

Engine tokens

Based on your license, you have a certain number of tokens that you can use to create Remote Engines for Pipelines, Remote Engines, or assign Cloud Engines to environments. Executing a Task on a shared (unassigned) Cloud Engine also consumes engine tokens. Once all the tokens are used up, it is not possible to create new engines or assign Cloud Engines.

The number of Cloud Engines marked as In Use is the sum of the running and assigned Cloud Engines.

To purchase new tokens, contact your customer success manager or email


Based on your license, you have a defined number of seats available per application. Those seats are consumed by users according to the roles and permissions they have.

A single user can consume up to one seat for each application.

Each user with at least one role or permission related to Talend Cloud Data Preparation, Talend Cloud Data Stewardship, Talend Studio, and Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer consumes a seat for that application.
Note: Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer seats are shared with Talend Studio seats.
Each user with at least one of the following default roles or individual permissions consumes a seat in Talend Cloud Management Console:
  • Roles
    • Environment Administrator
    • Infrastructure Administrator
    • Operator
  • Permissions
    • Static IP - Manage
    • Promotion - Manage
    • Promotion - Start
    • Operations - Manage
    • Export Logs - Manage
    • Engines - Manage
    • Environments - Manage