How to create a new workspace directory - 6.1

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Talend Studio is delivered with a default workspace directory. However, you can create as many new directories as you want and store your project folders in them according to your preferences.

  1. If you have already started the Studio, select File > Switch Project or Workspace from the menu bar to restart the Studio.

  2. On the login window, click Manage Connections to open the connection setup dialog box.

  3. On the connection setup dialog box, click the [...] button next to the Workspace field.

  4. In the [Browse For Folder] dialog box, browse to the parent directory under which you want to create a new workspace directory, click Make New Folder, and enter the name of your new workspace directory. Then click OK to validate directory creation and close the dialob box.

  5. Click OK to validate your connection setup and go back to the login window.

  6. Back on the login window, click the Restart button to restart your Talend Studio for the change to take effect.