Working in Talend Studio - basic Service and Route examples - 6.1

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This chapter will help you to get up and running with the Talend Studio by creating a simple SayHello example.

Here are the steps involved in the SayHello example:

  1. Build a simple SayHello data service, in which a consumer sends a number of names to a service, which then prints "Hello!" to each of them in turn.

  2. Build a simple SayHello route.


For more information about how to deploy the SayHello example into Talend Runtime, see the Talend ESB Hands-on Guide.

This section gives enough information to create and run the demo. For a comprehensive look at the Talend Studio User Interface, please see the Talend Studio User Guide.

For more details on specific components mentioned in this demo, please see the Talend Components Reference Guide for data services components and Talend ESB Mediation Components Reference Guide for mediation components.