Enhancements of Spark Job designer - 6.3

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  1. Spark 2.0 is fully supported.

  2. More components are available regarding the following technologies or domains:

    • MapR-DB

    • Data preparation

    • Data quality

  3. The Joblet component has been introduced to Spark Jobs in order to factorize recurrent processing or complex transformation steps to ease the reading of a complex Spark Job.

  4. Enhancements of existing components:

    • Some Data Mapper components and Data Quality components

    • The following components for Spark Batch have been enabled to read data in partitions:

      1. tJDBCInput

      2. tMySqlInput

      3. tOracleInput

      4. tTeradataInput

    • The Region list has been added to tS3Configuration.

    • The Cassandra components have been upgraded to support Spark 2.0.

  5. The Spark checkpointing feature has been added to Spark Batch Jobs.