Data Mapper: New Features - 6.3

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  • A new representation has been added to support HL7V2 documents.

  • The "Start with" field of the signature textbox in the wizards for the tHConvertFile, tHMapFile, and tHMapInput components allows the use of special characters.

  • In the tHConvertFile, tHMapFile and tHMapInput components, it is possible to specify the footer length for COBOL/Flat files so that these footers are not considered part of a Record.

  • The tHConvertFile, tHMapFile and tHMapInput components can include multiple onSubJobOK triggers.

  • The tHMap component now includes its project items, such as Structures and Maps, directly in the jar file for the Job rather than storing them in a __tdm folder on the file system. This is the same behavior as the tHConvertFile, tHMapFile and tHMapInput components.

  • The AgConcat function supports delimiters.

  • The EDIFACT representation has the option for the EDIFACT output to contain the UNA segment.

  • In the XML representation, it is possible to omit the XML declaration.