Enhancements of Spark Job designer - 6.2

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  1. Spark 1.5 and 1.6 are fully supported.

  2. Support for Spark 2.0 preview has been added. Users can select the Custom option from the Spark version list to configure the connection to a Spark 2.0 preview cluster.

  3. More components are available in Spark Batch and Spark Streaming Jobs regarding the following technologies:

    • JDBC

    • MongoDB

    • DynamoDB

    • Redshift

    • Data Mapper

  4. Enhancements of existing components:

    • tSqlRow allows users to use Hive QL to perform more sophisticated queries.

    • The SSL encryption has been enabled for the Cassandra components.

    • Support for Kerberos is available in tHiveConfiguration.

    • The Parquet components have been upgraded to obtain better performance with Spark.

    • tCacheIn and tCacheOut have been added to Spark Streaming Jobs.

  5. The Spark backpressure feature can be enabled for Spark Streaming Jobs.

  6. Extended support of Machine Learning algorithms:

    • The tModelEncoder component now supports almost all "feature engineering" algorithms that are available in Spark 1.5 and Spark 1.6

    • New components are created to support Linear Regression, SVM, Decision Tree and Gradient Boosted Tree, respectively.

    • tPredict is upgraded to be able to use all types of Classification or Clustering models.

  7. Support for Continuous Integration has been added to Spark Streaming Jobs.