AWS support - 6.2

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AWS Redshift components, driver, and metadata update

The Studio now allows you to specify additional JDBC parameters when creating a Redshift database connection using the official Amazon Redshift driver.

AWS Cluster Resizing (EMR/Redshift)

  • The new component tAmazonEMRResize has been created to allow you to add or resize a task instance group in a cluster on Amazon EMR.

  • tAmazonRedshiftManage now supports resizing an existing Amazon Redshift cluster.

S3 client-side encryption support

  • tRedshiftOutputBulk and tRedshiftOutputBulkExec now support generating and uploading the data file to Amazon S3 using client-side encryption.

  • With the client-side encryption feature enabled, the data can now be encrypted before sending to Amazon S3 via tS3Connection, tS3Get and tS3Put.

Other AWS support enhancements

  • tAmazonEMRManage now can start either a transient cluster or a long-running cluster, and the job flow step(s) can be invoked on the cluster after its launch.

  • tAmazonEMRManage now allows you to specify the identifier of the Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) subnet, the bootstrap actions, and the classification and property information supplied to the configuration object of the EMR cluster to be created.

  • A new component tS3Copy has been created to allow you to copy an Amazon S3 object from one bucket to another.

  • A new component tAmazonEMRListInstances has been created to allow you to list instance groups in a cluster on Amazon EMR.

  • The S3 components now support obtaining AWS security credentials from Amazon EC2 instance metadata.

  • tRedshiftInput now allows you to store the logging information in a specified log file.

  • tRedshiftBulkExec now allows you to load data into an Amazon Redshift table from an Amazon DynamoDB table or from data files located in an Amazon S3 bucket, an Amazon EMR cluster, or a remote host that is accessed using an SSH connection.

  • The Amazon components on the Palette have been reorganized and the Amazon Aurora, Amazon MySQL, Amazon Oracle, Amazon Redshift components are now available in both the Cloud family and the Databases family.