Starting and stopping the migration platform - Cloud

Migrating Data from Talend Administration Center to Talend Cloud Management Console

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Talend Management Console

Before you begin

Java 8 or greater is installed on your system.


Run the start_tcmp.bat or based on your Operating System to start the migration platform.
The application displays the following message:
  • On Windows, a web page opens in your default browser when you run start_tcmp.bat

    The page may show a timeout message after a few seconds with an error:

    The site can't be reached.

    Please wait. The page will refresh automatically at the end of the application initialization (handful of seconds).

    If you close the web page, you can use the URL http://localhost:7777 to access the application.

  • On other operation systems, open the URL http://localhost:7777 in your preferred browser.
Your web browser should display the following page:

To terminate the application, close the command window or press Ctrl+C.