Basic concepts and working principles of a human task in a workflow - 6.4

How to design a customized form using the workflow UI form designer for an MDM workflow task

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Before getting started, you are recommended to get familiar with the basic concepts and working principles of a human task in a workflow in Talend Studio:
  • Once a workflow is initiated, the pool variable mdm_context is populated, which must be included in each task in the workflow. If needed, you can add Pool variables and/or Local variables in a task to transfer data from Talend MDM to the form designer. In addition, there must be a Contract that defines the information a task requires to execute.
  • Note that since release 6.4.1, an MDM REST API extension is configured automatically when the MDM workflow is deployed to the MDM server, which can be used to fetch data from Talend MDM directly and conveniently. For more information, check the REST API extensions listed under the Resources tab after logging into the Bonita BPM web portal as a Bonita administrator.

    For further information, see the Talend Studio User Guide.

  • Correspondingly, in the workflow UI form designer, variables must be defined, which will be used to store data fetched from Talend MDM or user inputs, process the data if needed, and finally send the data back to Talend MDM through the contract variables.
  • When a user of the form submits, the Operations (actions) defined in the workflow will be executed, so that values entered or modified by the user or other aggregated data are submitted to Talend MDM to fulfill the Contract.