Installing additional Talend packages

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You can install additional Talend packages to extend the capabilities of your Talend Studio.

Depending the license you are using, such additional Talend packages may include:

  • Language pack

  • Talend MDM - Bonita BPM Integration

  • Talend Data Mapper packages

  • Talend ESB packages

  • Talend Metadata Bridge


In a multi-user environment, before installing an additional Talend package, comment out the following lines in the configuration file config.ini and then restart your Talend Studio. After the installation, uncomment these lines and restart the Studio again.

  1. Select Help > Install Additional Packages from the menu to open the [Additional Talend Packages] wizard.

  2. Select the additional package or packages you want to install.


    In the wizard, some packages are grouped by category. You can expand a category and select one or more individual packages, or directly select the category if you want to install all the packages under it.

  3. Choose an option:

    • Click Next, specify the download site or a local folder, and click Finish to proceed with the installation.


      The Next button is available only if you have selected a single package.

    • Click Finish to download and install the package(s) from the default Talend update site.

  4. When prompted, restart your Talend Studio.