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The Resequencer from the EIP patterns allows you to reorganise messages based on some comparator. By default in Camel we use an Expression to create the comparator; so that you can compare by a message header or the body or a piece of a message etc.

Camel supports two resequencing algorithms:

  • Batch resequencing collects messages into a batch, sorts the messages and sends them to their output.

  • Stream resequencing re-orders (continuous) message streams based on the detection of gaps between messages.

By default the Resequencer does not support duplicate messages and will only keep the last message, in case a message arrives with the same message expression. However in the batch mode you can enable it to allow duplicates. For Batch mode, in Java DSL there is a allowDuplicates() method and in Spring XML there is an allowDuplicates=true attribute on the <batch-config/> you can use to enable it.