Developing a component using Talend Component Kit - 7.0

Developing a component using Talend Component Kit

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Talend Component Kit provides a scalable component development framework with a rich set of pre-defined classes, methods and functions, to streamline your component development process and make your component easily portable across Talend products.

This framework is required to develop components that can obtain optimal performance in different Talend tools.

In this tutorial, a component is developed, for demonstration purposes, to read data from the map data structure of a Hazelcast database.

Once the component is created using Talend Component Kit, you are able to seamlessly use it with the components provided along with the Studio. This allows you to graphically develop Jobs to read data from a Hazelcast database in a distributed manner and visually handle the data in the unified Talend tools.

Hazelcast is a distributed, in-memory computing platform. If you want to learn further information about this company and their products, see Hazelcast.