MDM: new features - 7.0

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User and role management

  • Talend MDM Web UI users and system roles are now managed by Talend Administration Center.
  • There is a new Super Admin role, which is the consolidation of the MDM administration and System_Admin roles.
  • You will get a warning if you use a system or administration role in a data model, since only custom roles should be used.
  • There is now SSO between Talend MDM Web UI, Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Stewardship.

Licence and authentication

  • Licence management is now transferred to Talend Administration Center.
  • You can now use Talend Administration Center as an authentication provider through Talend Identity and Access Management.

Custom layouts

You can now link different custom layouts to different views on the same entity.

Talend MDM Web UI process list

The list of processes on Talend MDM Web UI is now sorted alphabetically by default.

Integrated matching

Talend Data Stewardship now creates all tasks by default, not only suspicious groups. The new property in mdm.conf named staging.matchmerge.createAllTasks, is set to true by default.

  • You can now use the operator in within a query.
  • You can now use a new request parameter named updateReport to toggle journal entries for records created, updated or deleted in master storage.

Match rule enhancement

Survivorship rules per column are now supported. You can synchronize entity field changes with survivorship rule binding.


You can now define a sort column in the view definition in Talend Studio.

Logstash Talend MDM logs are now collected with Filebeat instead of SocketAppender.