ESB: deprecated and removed items - 7.0

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Spring Dynamic Modules on Talend Runtime

Spring Dynamic Modules are removed in 7.0.1 and the use of Spring-Dm on Talend Runtime (OSGi) is no longer supported.

Archiva artifact repository

Archiva is removed in 7.0.1 and no longer supported as Artifact Repository.

Hyperic Plugins

The Hyperic Plugins are removed in 7.0.1 and no longer supported.

Event Logging Extension Point

The Event Logging Extension points and also the Event Logging detailed configuration based on categories are deprecated. We plan to provide a new Event Logging feature based on a different implementation. We will not be able to provide a compatible configuration and extension points in a future 7.x version, but we will still continue to provide an Event Logging feature for Log, SAM and OSGi Event capture and transfer to a central Log Server (Talend LogServer).

XACML / TAC Authorization Screen for RESTFul Data Service Authorization

The use of XACML based policies for Authorization of RESTFul Services is deprecated, which is now supported with the SAML Token Authentication. We plan to provide authorization for Restful Services in a future version based on OAuth2 Scopes.

Request-Callback / Notification Communication Style SOAP Java Services

The Request-Callback / Notification Communication Style for SOAP Java Services and the related Auxiliary Storage are deprecated from 7.0.1 onwards.

BPM: Expose Process as Service

The support for creating a Rest or SOAP Service directly from a Bonita BPM Process is deprecated from 7.0.1 onwards.

BPM: ESB Connectors

The ESB REST, SOAP Data Service and ESB Route connector for Bonita BPM is deprecated from 7.0.1 onwards.

SAM Server

The SAM Server is deprecated from 7.0.1 onwards as we plan to combine the SAM and Event Logging Feature into one solution within a future release of Talend ESB. Nevertheless the feature to capture Service Activity Events on Talend Runtime will still be possible. But the way we capture them and the way we transport and handle them on the server side will change in a future version and we will no longer provide an explicit SAM Server.


The SWAGGER UI within RESTful Data Services and Routes (tRESTRequest / cREST) are deprecated. We plan to provide a similar feature with the API design and testing. The product portfolio will also be added in future Talend Cloud of 7.x versions.