Setting output column with a constant - 6.1

tMap expression syntax

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You can set a constant to an output column in the Expression Builder, without mapping from the input columns. As shown below, the company column of type String is set to a fixed value, Talend.

The input data will be transformed to output data after being processed into the tMap component.

Input table:

employee_id name
1 Elisa
2 Nicolas
3 Patrick

Output table:

employee_id name company
1 Elisa Talend
2 Nicolas Talend
3 Patrick Talend

The data type of the value in the Expression Builder should be consistent with the data type of the output column. Otherwise, it will throw a Java compilation error. For example, if a constant 1 is set for company column in the Expression Builder, it will throw a compilation error when the Job is executed: Type mismatch: cannot convert from int to String, because the data type of the company column is defined as type String, but an Integer/int value is set for this column.