Defining the final output schema and the output file - 7.2




  1. Double-click tPigFilterColumns to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Click the [...] button next to Edit schema to open the Schema dialog box.
  3. From the input schema, select the columns you want to include in your result file by clicking them one after another while pressing the Shift key, and click the -> button to copy them to the output schema. Then, click OK to validate the schema setting and close the dialog box.
    In this example, we want the result file to include all the information except the group IDs.
  4. Double-click tPigStoreResult to open its Basic settings view.
  5. Click Sync columns to retrieve the schema structure from the preceding component.
  6. Fill in the Result file field with the full path to the result file, and select the Remove result file directory if exists check box.
  7. Select PigStorage from the Store function list, and leave rest of the settings as they are.