Configuring the Drools Business Rules Management System (BRMS) in Talend Administration Center

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Before being able to use Drools BRMS in Talend Administration Center web application, you will need to configure its URL in the Configuration page. For more information about configuring the Web application, first read Configuring Talend Administration Center.

Then after you access Talend Administration Center's Configuration page, set Drools URL, for example.

For more information about the actual data contained on the Configuration page of Talend Administration Center, check out the Talend Administration Center User Guide.

When Drools Guvnor URL is correctly set up, the application can be accessed through the menu tree view of Talend Administration Center:


If you have used Drools with older Talend product releases and you do not want to use the latest Drools version installed with Talend Administration Center, you must upgrade your Drools repository before being able to use it with the current release. For more information, check the article Migrating Drools repository from version 5.x to version 6.0.