Indexing databases - 6.1

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This section describes some changes you can make to how your databases are indexed.

Regenerating full-text indexes

When you store your data records in a SQL database, you may at times need to regenerate full-text indexes, for instance to deal with index desynchronization issues.

To regenerate a full-text index when using a SQL database, do the following:

  • Enter the following HTTP call in your web browser:


    where server:port is the server and port on which Talend MDM is installed (such as localhost:8180), name refers to the name of the data container for which you want to regenerate the index (such as Product)).

Managing how MDM Server uses SQL databases using datasources.xml

The datasources.xml file stored in the <$INSTALLDIR>\conf directory contains information about how Talend MDM uses SQL databases, including where they are located and how to tune their usage. The initial version of this file is created as part of the installation process, but administrators can edit the file as needed.

Managing case-sensitivity in database searches

Depending on the configuration of your SQL database, searches in the database may be case sensitive. To make searches case insensitive, set the value of the <case-sensitive-search> element in the datasources.xml file to false. By default, without this option, all searches performed against the database are case sensitive.

For performance reasons, the option contains-optimization is also available to optimize the searches.

The values for this option can be:

  • like: This is the default value when no full-text indexes are set.

  • disabled: For this option, an exception will be thrown if MDM encounters a condition with a CONTAINS.

  • fulltext: This is the default value when full-text indexes are available.

If the option contains-optimization is set to fulltext, the MDM server will perform insensitive searches no matter what the value of case-sensitive-search is.