Configuring a client to communicate with the MDM server using SSL or TLS - 6.1

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If the MDM server is configured with SSL or TLS support, any Java client must provide a TrustStore to verify the server's certificate in order to communicate with the MDM server using SSL or TLS.

The following example shows how to configure SSL or TLS support for the MDM server from the Bonita BPM server which is installed standalone.

  1. Browse to the directory <Bonita_Home>/bin. Here Bonita_Home indicates the directory where the Bonita server has been installed manually.

    For more information about how to install the Bonita server manually, see Installing the Bonita BPM server manually.

  2. Edit the file setenv.bat by adding the following line:<full path to the keystore file><password of the keystore file>
  3. Save your changes into the file.