Installing MDM modules using the Windows/Linux executable file

Talend MDM Platform Installation Guide

Talend MDM Platform
Installation and Upgrade
Talend Identity Management
Talend Administration Center
Talend Artifact Repository
Talend Activity Monitoring Console
Talend MDM Server
Talend Project Audit
Talend Studio
Talend ESB
Talend SAP RFC Server
Talend DQ Portal
Talend JobServer
Talend CommandLine
Talend Log Server
Talend Installer
Talend Repository Manager
Talend Runtime
Talend MDM Web UI

The executable file allows you to launch a global Installer that helps to set up all Talend modules including those for MDM.

However, if you want to use the global Installer to install only the MDM modules, you must select the Custom installation type in the Installer.