Retrieving table schemas - 6.1

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If you are working on an SVN or Git managed project while the Manual lock option is selected in Talend Administration Center, be sure to lock manually your connection in the Repository tree view before retrieving or updating table schemas for it. Otherwise the connection is read-only and the Finish button of the wizard is not operable.

For information on locking and unlocking a project item and on different lock types, see Working collaboratively on project items.

  1. Right-click the SAS connection you created and then select Retrieve Schema from the contextual menu.

    A new wizard opens up where you can filter and show different objects (tables, views) in your database connection, select tables of interest, and define table schemas.

  2. Filter databases objects according to your need, select one or more tables of interest, and modify the table schemas if needed. For details, see Retrieving table schemas.

    When done, you can drag and drop any table schema of the SAS connection from the Repository tree view onto the design workspace as a new component or onto an existing component to reuse the metadata. For more information, see How to use centralized metadata in a Job and How to set a repository schema.