Link the Jenkins project to the SVN/Git project - 7.0

Talend Software Development Life Cycle Best Practices Guide

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  1. Link the Jenkins Generate_Execute_Deploy project to the Git or SVN project in which you created your Test Cases. Note that several projects can be added.
    Warning: The value of the project name and/or branch must be in upper case otherwise it might cause build failure.
  2. SVN only: Fill in the branch you want to retrieve (in this example, CI/trunk) and the base folder where you saved all your projects (here, projects) followed by a folder with the same name as the original technical name of the project (here, CI). In this way, the existing workspace folder will be completely replicated and the Talend CommandLine application will be able to connect directly to the defined folder (projects) to find the projects.
    For an SVN project
    For a Git project