Migrating projects - 7.0

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If you migrated to a newer version of Talend Administration Center and want to retrieve your existing projects, you may want to migrate these projects. Talend Administration Center allows you to select individually the projects to be migrated and to generate corresponding .pdf reports using the Talend CommandLine applications from the Migration Check page.

From the Migration Check page, click the CommandLine buttons on the top toolbar to configure the connections to both source (old) and target (new) Talend CommandLine applications, then enter the paths to the local directories where the database and report will be stored. The migration starts and reports are generated.

This migration phase requires you to re-install the Talend solutions.

Note that, by default, the Migration Check reports give you details about the compilation status of the Jobs generated in the latest version of the product. Talend offers you the possibility to optimize the migration reports by installing patches in the Talend CommandLine in order to know more precisely whether the Jobs were generating successfully in the previous versions.

For more information, see the article How to improve the migration check report.