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When you run a data service Job in the Studio, the progress of the execution is displayed in the console on the Basic Run or Debug Run tab of the Run view. The log is provided by the Apache CXF logging utility shipped with the Service builder. By default the message level is set to INFO. It includes any error message as well as start and end messages. It also shows the Job output in case you used a tLogRow component in the Job design.

This INFO logging level is fixed and can not be changed in Talend Studio when using the tLogRow component. However, the tLogCatcher component can be used and offers more logging capabilities. Otherwise, when deploying your Service in the Talend Runtime, you can decide the level used by the Talend Runtime to log information. For more information about the logging system of Talend Runtime, see the Talend Open Studio for ESB Container Administration Guide.

The following screenshot shows an example of the log with error messages.

For more information about how to run a Job, see Executing the Job.