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Talend Administration Center requires a new installation, please follow the migration chapter in the Talend Migration Guide.

The ESB related pages in Talend Administration Center 6.4 are not backward compatible with older versions of the containers except the ESB Conductor, which still supports the deployment and undeployment of tasks into 6.3.x, 6.2.x, 6.1.x, 6.0.x, 5.6.x and 5.5.x containers in addition to 6.4 containers.

Please also consider to use the new Migration page in the Administration Center to compare the project before and after migration.

The Talend Identity Management (Talend IDM) service (based on Apache Syncope) provided with Talend ESB in the add-ons/tidm folder is no longer available within the Talend ESB package, but is now replaced by a more general Talend Identity and Access Management (Talend IAM) service, which uses port 9080 by default instead of 8080. The Identity Service URL in the ESB Identity and Access Management part of the TAC Configuration Page need to be updated accordingly. If you used Talend ESB with Talend IDM (based on Apache Syncope 1.2) before, you must either re-enter the users and roles (which are now the Groups in Syncope 2.0.2), or follow the migration steps for Apache Syncope 1.2 to Apache Syncope 2.0 as described in Talend ESB used Users / Roles and User to Role assignments in Syncope 1.2. Now in Syncope 2.0.2 (the currently version in Talend IAM ) you will have Users / Groups and User to Group assignments after the migration or in case you re-enter the users manually. Make sure that Groups are used in the place of Roles before in Syncope 1.2.