Migrating a group of connections - 7.1

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You can import database connections from various projects or various versions of the Talend Studio.

Before you begin

You have already migrated your database connections from an older version of the Talend Studio as outlined in Importing data profiling items.

About this task

Some of the migrated JDBC connections may have a warning icon docked on their names in the DB connections folder in the DQ Repository tree view. This indicates that the driver path for these connections is empty after migration.

Setting the driver path manually for each of the connections could be tedious especially if you have imported big number. The Talend Studio enables you to set the driver path once for all. You may download such a driver from the Microsoft download center, for example.


  1. In the menu bar, select Window > Preferences to display the Preferences window.
  2. In the search field, type jdbc and then select JDBC Driver Setting to open the corresponding view.
  3. Set the JDBC parameters in the corresponding fields, and then click Apply to connections....
    A dialog box is displayed to list all the JDBC connections that do not have the required JDBC driver after migration.
  4. Select the check boxes of the connections for which you want to apply the driver settings and then click OK.
    A confirmation message is displayed.
  5. Click OK to close the confirmation message.
  6. In the Preferences window, click OK.
    A confirmation message is displayed.
  7. Click OK to close the message and the Preferences window.