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  • With the new Bulk Update button on the [Master Data Browser] page, you can select multiple master data records pertaining to an entity and then update them in one go if they need the same update information.

  • When importing data records from a local xlsx or csv file on the MDM server, you can select the newly added Use Partial Update check box in the [Upload data] dialog box to update partially the fields of the existing data records instead of updating all fields.

  • On the [Data Changes Viewer] page, the display of entities or elements defined with multilingual labels varies depending on the locale you selected from the top right corner.

  • For a data model defined with multilingual descriptions, authorized users can hover over the data model or its corresponding data container in the Domain Configuration area to view in a tooltip the localized description corresponding to the selected locale.

  • A new search operator is empty or null is added to the search panel in the data browser page.