Objectives - 6.2

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration User Guide

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
Design and Development
Talend Studio

The Metadata folder in the Repository tree view stores reusable information on files, databases, and/or systems that you need to create your Jobs.

Various corresponding wizards help you store these pieces of information that can be used later to set the connection parameters of the relevant input or output components and the data description called "schemas" in a centralized manner in Talend Studio.

The procedures of different wizards slightly differ depending on the type of connection chosen.

Click Metadata in the Repository tree view to expand the folder tree. Each of the connection nodes will gather the various connections and schemas you have set up.

From Talend Studio, you can set up the following, amongst others:

  • a DB connection,

  • a JDBC schema,

  • a SAS connection,

  • a file schema,

  • an LDAP schema,

  • a Salesforce schema,

  • a generic schema,

  • a MDM connection,

  • a WSDL schema,

  • a FTP connection,