Dynamically using the data from another dataset - 2.0

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The lookup feature matches data from the current dataset with its counterpart in a "reference" dataset.

For example, you can use it to add the full name of a US State alongside its abbreviation.


  1. Select the column on which you want to perform the lookup.
    This will be the source column for your data.
  2. Click the lookup button to open the lookup panel.
  3. Click the button and, in the dialog box that opens, select the dataset you want to use to perform the lookup.

    This dataset contains the target column for your data.

  4. Select the Add to Lookup check box under every column you want to include in your lookup.
  5. Point your mouse over the Confirm button to preview the changes.
  6. Click the Confirm button to apply those changes.


A new column is created with the result of the lookup. Whenever the column in the lookup dataset appears in the main dataset, the associated column in the lookup dataset is added to the main dataset. If a row in the linked columns matches between the two datasets, the content of the associated column for this row is added too.