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In Talend Data Preparation, you can import different types of file to use as source data for your datasets.

There are two main different types of datasets that you can import:

  • Datasets imported from local files
  • Datasets created from Talend Jobs

From local files

You can import the following file types to use as datasets:

  • .xls or .xlsx
  • .csv

For more information, see Adding a dataset from a local file.

From a Talend Job

In addition to the previous file types, you have the possibility to use datasets created directly from a Talend Job in Talend Studio if you are a subscription user.

You can do that by using the tDatasetOutput component as output for your Job in Talend Studio.

Then you can either:

From a database

Talend Data Preparation is able to connect to various databases and use them as source to create a new dataset. The data is still stored in your database, and only a sample is retrieved on-demand.

For more information, see Adding a dataset from a database.


You can access data that is stored on a Hadoop file system (HDFS), and import it in the form of a dataset, directly in the Talend Data Preparation interface. You can then export the prepared data back to the cluster, or export it as a local file.

For more information, see Adding a dataset from HDFS.