Exporting a preparation made on a local file - 2.0

Talend Data Preparation User Guide

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Data Quality and Preparation > Cleansing data
Talend Data Preparation
When you are finished preparing your dataset based on a local file, you may want to export the data you have cleansed.


  1. Click the Export button in the application header bar.
  2. Choose the file format you want to use when exporting your data.
    • If you choose CSV, choose a delimiter to use and enter a name for the file to export.
    • If you choose XLSX, or Tableau choose a name for the file to export.
  3. Click Confirm.


The export operation is processed on the Talend Data Preparation server.

If the result of your preparation is larger than your current sample size, 10 000 rows by default, you can choose between exporting just the sample, or the whole data. In the first case, your download of the output file directly starts. In the second case, the export process is launched in the background. You can check the status of the export, and download your output file in the Export history page. For more information, see The export history page.