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tBoundedStreamInput loads data put in its Basic settings tab or from a given context variable in order to generates a data stream.

tBoundedStreamInput is available only in a test case about a given component and is added automatically to the test case you are using. For further information about test cases, see Talend Studio User Guide.


tBoundedStreamInput is used to provide a data stream for the component to be tested and is suitable for use in a test case only.

tBoundedStreamInput properties in Spark Streaming Jobs

Component family



Basic settings

Schema and Edit Schema

A schema is a row description. It defines the number of fields (columns) to be processed and passed on to the next component. The schema is either Built-In or stored remotely in the Repository.

Click Edit schema to make changes to the schema. If the current schema is of the Repository type, three options are available:

  • View schema: choose this option to view the schema only.

  • Change to built-in property: choose this option to change the schema to Built-in for local changes.

  • Update repository connection: choose this option to change the schema stored in the repository and decide whether to propagate the changes to all the Jobs upon completion. If you just want to propagate the changes to the current Job, you can select No upon completion and choose this schema metadata again in the [Repository Content] window.



Built-In: You create and store the schema locally for this component only. Related topic: see Talend Studio User Guide.



Repository: You have already created the schema and stored it in the Repository. You can reuse it in various projects and Job designs. Related topic: see Talend Studio User Guide.



Select the mode that you want to use to generate the data stream.

  • Use Inline Content: enter the data that you want to generate.

  • Use context variable: enter the name of variable to be used to provide data. This variable must have been defined in the Contexts tab of the current Job.

    The syntax to call a variable is context.VariableName.

In either mode, the data you provide must use the separators you have defined in the Row separator, Field Separator and Micro batch separator fields.

Usage in Spark Streaming Jobs

This component is used as a start component and requires an output link.

This component is added automatically to a test case being created to provide input data.

Spark Connection

You need to use the Spark Configuration tab in the Run view to define the connection to a given Spark cluster for the whole Job. In addition, since the Job expects its dependent jar files for execution, one and only one file system related component from the Storage family is required in the same Job so that Spark can use this component to connect to the file system to which the jar files dependent on the Job are transferred:

This connection is effective on a per-Job basis.

Related scenarios

No scenario is available for the Spark Streaming version of this component yet.