Scenario: Fetching frequently updated blog entries. - 6.3

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This two-component scenario aims at retrieving frequently updated blog entries from a Talend local news RSS feed using the tRSSInput component.

  1. Drop the following components from the Palette onto the design workspace: tRSSInput and tLogRow.

  2. Right-click to connect them using a Row > Main link.

  3. In the design workspace, select tRSSInput, and click the Component tab to define the basic settings for tRSSInput.

  4. Enter the URL for the RSS_Feed to access. In this scenario, tRSSInput links to the Talend RSS_Feed:

  5. Select/clear the other check boxes as required. In this scenario, we want to display the information about two articles dated from July 20, 2008.

  6. In the design workspace, select tLogRow and click the Component tab to define its basic settings. For more information about tLogRow properties, see tLogRow properties.

  7. Save the Job and press F6 to execute it.

    The tRSSInput component accessed the RSS feed of Talend website on your behalf and organized the information for you.

    Two blog entries are displayed on the console. Each entry has its own title, description, publication date, and the corresponding RSS feed URL address. Blogs show the last entry first, and you can scroll down to read earlier entries.