Graphical Data Model Designer Enhancements In Talend MDM 6.3.1 - 6.3

Stefan Franczuk
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Graphical Data Model Designer Enhancements In Talend MDM 6.3.1

The Graphical Data Model Designer, also commonly called as the Design editor, provides another way to design and edit MDM models in the Talend Studio. In this article, we will describe the enhancements that were made to the grahical data model designer in Talend MDM 6.3.1.

These enhancements will increase developer productivity as more actions can be done in the graphical data model designer without having to switch to the traditional tree-based model editor.

The Talend studio documentation contains more details on how to use the graphical data model designer.

Editing Capabilities

The graphical data model designer now provides editing capabiliies for the attribures. For example, it is possible to select an individual attribute and change its Name, Type and other properties. The screenshot below shows these capabilities. We can see the 'Description' attribute selected in the 'Product' entity, and the properties that are editable.

Palette Wizard

The Palette in the graphical data model designer contains a new wizard that allows users to easily create a new entity. The new wizard will popup when the Entity object is dragged and dropped into the model designer canvas, enabling users to define the Name, Type and other attributes. This wizard also applies for other objects from the palette.

Rules Definition

There is a new capability to add, edit and remove Validation Rule and/or Match Rule on entities and attributes in the model in the graphical data model designer. This capability appears on the Rules tab which is displayed when the user select an entity or attribute.

A Validation Rule is an advanced rule which you can use to define constraints between attributes within an entity. A Match Rule is used to compare a set of columns and create groups of similar records using blocking and matching keys and/or survivorship functions. The Talend Studiodocumentation contains more information on creating Validation and Match Rules.

Extra Tab

The Extra tab is another such new functionality added to the graphical data model designer. The Extra tab allows the use to defin Lookup fields for the entity. This tab only shows when the whole entity is selected. It does not show for attributes for example.

Modify Existing Element Type

It is now possible to change and modify the type for an existing element directly in the graphical data model designer. To do this, select an attribute, and click the Change Type button as shown below.

A wizard will pop up giving you the ability to change the type as shown below.

After changing the element type, clicking on the Next button will display additional options to enable the use to define the new type for the Element .