Accessing the semantic concepts stored in the ontology repository - 6.1

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The ontology repository

The ontology repository built on Talend Log Server stores hundreds of semantic concepts and attributes which you can increase every time you define and run a Semantic-aware analysis in the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.

Accessing the semantic concepts stored in the ontology repository

You can access the list of the semantic concepts and their attributes stored in the ontology repository and applied on several domains including customer, company, geography, product, finance, etc.

Since there is not a universal way to access all ontology repositories, we propose this procedure to make the ontology repository, used with Talend Studio, accessible and searchable while maintaining its unique functionalities and strengths.

Before you begin

  • Retrieve the Semantic Repository Content-1447847535120 file from the Downloads tab in the left panel of this page.

  • Launch Tomcat which embeds your Talend Administration Center.

  • Launch Talend Log Server.

Configuring Kibana in Talend Administration Center

From Talend Administration Center, you can set up the parameters of the monitoring modules that allow you to display the content of the ontology repository.


  1. Open your Talend Administration Center web application.
  2. In the Menu tree view, click Configuration.
  3. Click the Monitoring node to display the parameters.
  4. In the Kibana URL field, type in the URL address of the Kibana application:


    http://localhost:8080/kibana is only given as example. Depending on your configuration, you may have to replace <localhost> with the IP address of the Web server application and <8080> with its actual port.

Opening the Kibana dashboard

You can open the Kibana dashboard to visualize the content of the ontology repository.


  1. In the Administration Center Menu tree view, click Logging to display the Kibana dashboard, or open a Web browser and go to http://localhost:8080/kibana/#/dashboard/.
  2. In the top right corner, click Load > Advanced > Browse and browse to the file you downloaded from this topic (Semantic Repository Content-1447847535120).

    The dashboard displays the concepts stored in the ontology repository.

  3. Click on the concept or attribute chart to browse respectively the concepts and attributes which contain the selected words and are stored in the repository.

    A document opens in the lower part of the dashboard listing all concepts and their attributes containing the selected words.

  4. Use the search field on top of the dashboard to search for a concept and filter the results listed in the dashboard.