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Talend Integration Cloud User Guide

Talend Integration Cloud
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Talend Integration Cloud

The Talend Integration Cloud User Guide provides information about managing and running Flows and administrating projects and execution engines.

As a user in Talend Integration Cloud, you can have either Operator or Administrator role. As an Administrator, you have access to all general features, as well as the Administration page in the web application.

As an Operator, you can:

  • Create Flows from Talend Studio Jobs
  • Execute Flows on Cloud or Remote Engines
  • Schedule and monitor the execution of Flows with Execution Plans
  • Trigger executions with Webhooks
  • Implement a Software Development Life Cycle policy
  • Interact with Talend Integration Cloud from an external system
As an Administrator, you are also able to:
  • Create custom workspaces
  • Set account and workspace roles
  • Use predefined static IP addresses for executions
  • Subscribe to notifications
  • Configure a Software Development Life Cycle policy

For an end-to-end example of how to create, test, and execute a specific Flow, refer to Getting Started with Talend Integration Cloud.