Scheduling your Execution Plan

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Define the execution interval for your plan.

To run your Execution Plan at any time, open it then click Run Now.


  1. Open your Execution Plan, then click Builder.
  2. In the Schedule area, select the execution interval under Type.
  3. In the Time Zone field, select/type the time zone for your executions.
  4. Define the parameters of your schedule.
    • To run the Execution Plan at specific times during the day, define 1 (day) as the execution interval and set the execution times in Start Time.

      The Execution Plan will run at 09:00, 12:00, and 16:00 every day.

    • To run the Execution Plan every "X" minutes during the day, define 1 (day) as the execution interval, adjust the time interval, and define the times of the first and last executions of the day.

      At 18:58, the next and last execution that day starts at 19:00.

  5. Click Save and Go.


A confirmation message is displayed on the top of the page. You are redirected to the execution details and history. The schedule you have defined appears under Run Schedule.

What to do next

To terminate the execution of a Flow being executed as part of the Plan, click Terminate next to the Flow in the Run History area.

To termine the full execution of the Plan, click Stop next to the Run Schedule area of the page and confirm that you want to stop it.