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Talend Cloud Remote Engine for Microsoft Azure Guide

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Configure and start using Talend Remote Engine for Azure.

Before you begin

You have created a Remote Engine in Talend Cloud Management Console and are ready to pair it.


  1. From the Talend Remote Engine for Azure product detail, click Create.
  2. Configure the basic settings of the Virtual Machine, including its admin username and authentication type.
  3. Choose a Subscription, a Resource group and a Location then click OK.
    If needed, you can create a new Resource group.
  4. Configure the virtual machine settings, especially:
    • Its size. The recommended size is the size selected by default: Standard D2 v2.
    • You need to at least validate the default Subnets configuration to be able to proceed to the next step.
  5. Specify the Remote Engine pairing information:
    • The Remote Engine's preauthorized key. You can retrieve it from the Engine Details tab of the Remote Engine created in Talend Cloud Management Console.
    • The Talend Cloud account location depends on the region of your Talend Cloud account.

      The region is reflected in your Talend Cloud URL. For example, if your URL is, you must enter the corresponding US value.

    The pairing will be automatically done when starting the Remote Engine.

  6. Click OK and check the information of the Summary. A validation is performed on your configuration before you can click OK again.
  7. Read the Terms of use and check your contact details then click Create.


The virtual machine is created and you can now use the Talend Cloud Remote Engine for Azure. When starting the Remote Engine, the pairing is automatic. At that moment, the Remote Engine appears as paired.