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To make the most out of your Talend product, please consider the following system and software requirements:

Required software

  • Operating System for Talend Studio:

    Support type Operating system (64 bits only)
    Recommended Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    Recommended Microsoft Windows 10
    Supported Apple macOS 10.14/Mojave
    Apple macOS 10.13/High Sierra
    Apple macOS 10.12/Sierra
  • Operating System for Talend Server modules:

    Support type Operating system (64 bits only)
    Recommended Microsoft Windows Server 2016
    Recommended Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server/CentOS 7.6
    Supported Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • You should install either Oracle Java 8 or 11 JRE, or OpenJDK 1.8 or 11.
  • For Windows, VisualSVN Server. See Installing and configuring a versioning and revision control system on Windows.
  • A properly installed and configured Hadoop cluster.

    Ensure that the client machine on which the Talend Studio is installed can recognize the host names of the nodes of the Hadoop cluster to be used. For this purpose, add the IP address/hostname mapping entries for the services of that Hadoop cluster in the hosts file of the client machine.

    For example, if the host name of the Hadoop Namenode server is talend-cdh550.weave.local, and its IP address is 192.168.x.x, the mapping entry reads 192.168.x.x talend-cdh550.weave.local.

  • A properly installed and configured MySQL database, with a database named gettingstarted.

Optional software

  • 7-Zip.