Browsing a list of metadata - 6.5

Talend Metadata Manager: Explorer User Guide

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The BROWSE option allows you to display the list of a selected metadata element type.


  1. Click BROWSE in the banner.
  2. In the menu, select the type of metadata you wish to browse.
    Type of metadata Description

    Metadata from databases, physical data models, and other data source technologies

    Data Modeling

    Metadata from data models


    Terms and categories from the business glossary

    Other specific technologies Such as business intelligence, data integration tools, or SQL script
  3. In the sub-menu, select one of the metadata element types to display the list.
    For example, in the Database type you want to display the list of the Tables elements.
    The list of all the Tables elements contained in the databases displays. The Context column allows you to identify to which database and schema the tables belong to. In this example, The Address table belongs to the schema called dbo in the Staging DW PDM database.