Setting properties in the Studio - 6.3

Enabling the HDFS High Availability feature in the Studio

Data Governance > Third-party systems > File components (Integration) > HDFS components
Data Quality and Preparation > Third-party systems > File components (Integration) > HDFS components
Design and Development > Third-party systems > File components (Integration) > HDFS components
Talend Studio

The Hadoop properties table is provided along with many different components, Hadoop configuration view or metadata wizards that create connection to a Hadoop cluster.

In this article, we take tHDFSConnection as example to demonstrate how to set the properties mentioned above.


  1. After dropping a tHDFSConnection component into the Job design workspace, double click this component to open its Component view.
  2. Properly configure connection to the HDFS system to be used in the Basic settings of this component.
  3. Under the Hadoop properties table, click the [+] button five times to add five rows.
  4. Enter each of the properties mentioned above in the newly added rows of the Property column; respectively.
  5. In the Value column, enter the values corresponding to each property to be set.


Then these properties will be taken into account at runtime when this component is used to connect to a Hadoop cluster.

The Hadoop configuration view and the metadata wizards for creating connections to Hadoop are only available to the subscription-based users of a Talend solution with Big Data.