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Talend Administration Center is provided together with Nexus artifact repository. It is used to store software updates, ESB and Data Integration Job artifacts.

This tool is used for the Software Update feature and its instance holds the talend-updates repository where the updates are retrieved by the user.

It can also be used as a catalog for the Jobs, Services, Routes, and Generic OSGi Features created from Talend Studio or any other Java IDE. For this, two repositories are available: repo-snapshot for development purposes and repo-release for production purposes.

This instance is embedded in the .zip file of Talend Administration Center Web application and it allows you to store artifacts designed from Talend Studio or any other Java IDE and ready to be deployed and executed in an execution server. For more information, see the Talend Administration Center User Guide.

So when unzipping Talend Administration Center zip file, you will find an archive file called Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D.E containing a ready-to-be-used Talend Artifact Repository.

Nexus is based on Sonatype Nexus. For more information on how to use it, see Artifact Repository and Sonatype Nexus documentation on

For more information on how to configure Nexus in Talend Runtime , see Configuring Nexus in Talend Runtime.

Note: Nexus 3, the version of Nexus shipped with Talend 7.x, is not supported by Publisher. To use Publisher, install Nexus 2 and configure Talend Administration Center to use the Nexus 2 instance.