Exporting data profiling items - 6.5

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You can export data profiling items including analyses, database connections, patterns and indicators, etc. from the current instance of the studio to the root directory of another studio or to archive files.

Prerequisite(s): At least, one data profiling item has been created in the studio.

To export data profiling items, do the following:

    • Right-click anywhere in the DQ Repository tree view and select Export Items.

    • Click the icon on the toolbar and select Export Items.

    The [Export Item] wizard is displayed.

  1. Select the root directory or archive file option and then click Browse... and browse to the directory/archive where you want to export the data profiling items.

  2. Select the check boxes of the data profiling items you want to export or use the Select All or Deselect All tabs.

    When you select an analysis check box, all analysis dependencies including the metadata connection and any patterns or indicators used in this analysis are selected by default. Otherwise, if you have an error message on top of the dialog box that indicates any missing dependencies, click the Include dependencies tab to automatically select the check boxes of all items necessary to the selected data profiling analysis.

  3. If required, select the Browse check box to have in the export list only the selected data profiling items.

  4. Click Finish to validate the operation.

    A progress bar is displayed to indicate the progress of the export operation and the data profiling items are exported in the defined place.