Test SSO login to Talend Administration Center

Configuring Talend Administration Center SSO with SiteMinder

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  1. Create a user on your LDAP server.
  2. Define the roles to be referenced in Talend Administration Center (e.g. tac_admin for administrators in Talend Administration Center, dp_dm for dataset managers in Talend Data Preparation) and project type (either DI, DQ, MDM or NPA - No project Access).
  3. Select the user.
  4. Double click the userPassword attribute.
  5. In the Verify Password field within the Password Editor window, input the user password.
  6. Click Bind: a popup window confirms the authentication is successful.
  7. Within your browser, open http://host1/affwebservices/public/saml2sso?SPID=<SPEntityName>.
  8. When prompted for credentials, input user uid/userPassword.
  9. Click Sign In. You are successfully logged into Talend Administration Center.
  10. Check user attributes and roles are set as expected.


From this point, you are able to log onto Talend Administration Center using the SSO settings configured with SiteMinder.

1 is the host name or IP address of the server where Web Agent were installed.