How to create a custom component

How to create a custom component

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Talend offers natively 800+ components within Talend Studio to address your data integration needs. However, if those components do not fulfil your specific needs, you can expand Talend Studio capabilities by creating your own components.

This article describes in detail how to create a component manually step by step and use it within any of your data integration Jobs.

Note: From version 7.0 onwards, Talend is introducing a new component creation framework named Talend Component Kit. If you plan to create new components, it is recommended to upgrade to version 7.0 and use the new framework.

This tutorial covers the following topics, which are essential for developing custom components:

  • How to create a component step by step.
  • How to install a custom component into your Talend Studio

As a prerequisite, we strongly recommend that you read the articles What is a component and Component code generation model to know how a Talend component is structured, and learn about the component code generation order and related technologies.