Managing master data records in an entity - 7.3

Talend Data Authoring for MDM User Guide

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Talend Data Authoring for MDM

You can manage master data records pertaining to a specific entity.

Prior to perform the operations in the next subsections, make sure the following configuration settings has been completed:

  • You have been assigned a role with the appropriate user authorization and access rights.
  • At least one view has been created over one or more entities of your interest in .
  • The MDM server is already launched, and the corresponding MDM items, such as views, have been deployed to the MDM server.
  • Talend Data Authoring for MDM does not support the composite key.
  • Talend Data Authoring for MDM does not support the inheritance type.
  • For a foreign key attribute with the Maximum Occurrence value set to a number greater than 1 or set to -1 (which means its maximum number of occurrences is not bounded) in data model, you can grant each role the add access and the remove access separately when defining the write access control at it in Talend Studio. Therefore, the adding foreign records button and/or the removing foreign records button might not be available in the foreign records form according to the access granted to the role assigned to you.

    For more information, see the related description of defining access control at the attribute level in Talend Data Fabric Studio User Guide.