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TPS-4378 (cumulative patch)

Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20200910_TPS-4378_v1-7.2.1
Release Date 2020-09-11
Target Version 20190620_1446-7.2.1
Product affected Talend Studio


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Studio 7.2.1.

NOTE: To download this patch, liaise with your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

This patch contains the following fixes:

  • TPS-4353 [7.2.1] CI-builder: wrong published artifact structure when route calls a Job (TESB-30123)
  • TESB-30102 API documentation bridge add wrong subdomain
  • TESB-30188 CI builder doesn't publish feature folders for some artifacts (jobs, routes, services)
  • TESB-30281 [7.2.1] Failed to deploy DemoREST job which published through CI to runtime from TAC

This patch also includes the following patches:

  • TUP-28399 [7.2.1] Wrong column order when changing schema in tFileInputDelimited
  • TUP-28331 TDatasetInput CSRF token method follow redirection
  • TPS-4332 [7.2.1]BigDataParserUtils unable to handle Date type(TBD-11096)
  • TESB-29963 MQ Dependency issues in Runtime
  • TESB-29786 Problems using groovy.json
  • TPS-4338 [7.2.1]Git related issues checked with support(TUP-27989)
  • TPS-4333 [7.2.1]tSalesforceInput component displays in-job tSalesforceConnection incorrectly(TUP-27953)
  • TPS-4238 [7.2.1] Unable to merge to different branches. (TUP-24608)
  • TPS-4291 [7.2.1] Dependency is dropped on creating new version (TUP-28009)
  • TPS-4285 [7.2.1] Add possibility to customize pattern for dates when retrieve table (TUP-27862)
  • TUP-27374 [7.2.1] Commandline doesn''t pick up the correct JVM arguments
  • TPS-4270 [7.2.1] Studio re synchronizing jars with artifact repository every time when logged into studio (TUP-26687)
  • TPS-4268 [7.2.1] [7.2.1] Kafka Job builds in Studio, but fails in CI Builder (TUP-27074)
  • TPS-4292 Spark job issues after apply 7.2.1 patch
  • TPS-4235 [7.2.1] Error "Unable to obtain password from user" against CDH 6.3.3 only when using keytab file. (TBD-10861)
  • TUP-28016 Wrong 7.2.1 patch / localprovider delivered
  • TPS-4181 [7.2.1] Ci-builder of route calling Job failing (TESB-29210)
  • TPS-4218 [7.2.1] Many connections at same time to AMQ (TESB-29613)
  • TPS-4260 [7.2.1] Not support RPC style operations when configuring cSOAP (TESB-29751)
  • TPS-4169 [7.2.1] Bean in route gives wrong output on running in studio (TESB-29071)
  • TPS-4146 [7.2.1] cConfig "Install" button needs to be pressed twice to import a jar (TESB-29435)
  • TPS-4230 [7.2.1] studio with GIT autocrlf setting (TUP-27710)
  • TPS-4236 [7.2.1] Bundle version does not use 'Custom Version' for jobs (TESB-29647)
  • TPS-4241 [7.2.1] SOAPAction missing, and Content-Type issue when consuming SOAP 1.2 services (TESB-27583, TESB-29690)
  • TPS-4250 [7.2.1] TPS-3858 causing java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "0-SNAPSHOT" (TESB-29739)
  • TPS-4189 [7.2.1] Specifying a SimpleAuthorizingFilter in a cRest component does not work anymore (TESB-29126)
  • TPS-4193 [7.2.1] if one jar used by two different components, it will upload to nexus with two versions (TUP-26810)
  • TPS-4191 [7.2.1] Studio operations take longer when artifact repository is involved (TUP-27253)
  • TPS-4222 [7.2.1] Talend Studio 7.2 startup crash(TUP-27578)
  • TPS-4208 [7.2.1] tRulesurviorship component error - (Duplicate data). (TDQ-18567)
  • TPS-4125 [7.2.1] Unable to build a project with a project reference(TUP-27447)
  • TPS-4139 [7.2.1] studio timeout with network is not available error when downloading additional jar through proxy (TUP-27416)
  • TPS-4175 [7.2.1] Relationship.index might get really big (TUP-27590)
  • TPS-4105 [7.2.1] High Memory Consumption by Studio with GIT (TUP-26539)
  • TPS-4135 [7.2.1] Studio upload the libraries (jar files) into the Artifactory Server at each start (TUP-27078)
  • TPS-4179 [7.2.1] Compilation error on tSQLRow component for spark jobs(TBD-10827)
  • TPS-4157 [7.2.1] Command Line Publishing is not overriding the artifact type of the job/route (TESB-27587)
  • TPS-4165 [7.2.1] Bundle version does not use 'Custom Version' (TESB-29503)
  • TPS-4183 [7.2.1] Job with tRulesurviorship component fails with certain combination of data (TDQ-18556)
  • TPS-4072 [7.2.1] ELT component configuration to create an UPDATE Statement (TUP-27070)
  • TPS-3961 [7.2.1] Copy to Branch works differently in SVN vs GIT wrt to job version (TUP-26816)
  • TPS-4061 [7.2.1] Tmap shows null values when using Expression Builder (TUP-26939)
  • TPS-4096 [7.2.1] Error: Could not find or load main class due to no JVM parameters configured in Studio (TUP-27053)
  • TPS-4132 [7.2.1] No language could be found for jsonpath (TESB-29360)
  • TPS-4086 [7.2.1] Customer getting 'java.lang.ClassCastException: org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.SimplePropertyNamespaceHandler' exception in runtime (TESB-27030)
  • TPS-4076 [7.2.1] Authentication Fields missing in tMongoDBBulkLoad (TDI-44185)
  • TUP-27199 [7.2.1] DB version of sybase isn't hide for other database on tCreateTable
  • TPS-4050 [7.2.1] CI-Builder: "Missing the reference project for..." (TUP-24910)
  • TPS-4128 [7.2.1] Wrong default values set when retrieve schema on Sybase (TUP-27403)
  • TPS-4014 [7.2.1][20200529] Cannot connect to hive against CDH 5.16.2 (TBD-10374)
  • TPS-3953 [7.2.1] Table name in eltinput component, the default table is taken into consideration (TUP-26750,TUP-26924)
  • TUP-24626 Mvn package main project job fail which call job in ref project.
  • TPS-3959 [7.2.1] Wrong column order when using Schema from Repository (TUP-26758)
  • TPS-3879 [7.2.1] Amazon Redshift Driver class not working with Implicit Context (TUP-26388)
  • TPS-3930 [7.2.1] Studio component tETLMap with snowflake datatypes (TUP-26059)
  • TPS-3936 [7.2.1] changeMavenVersion throws a NullPointerException (TUP-25066)
  • TPS-4018 [7.2.1] COMPUTE_DEPENDENCIES_FAILED:{path=META-INF/maven/org.talend.components/components-salesforce-runtime/dependencies.txt (TUP-23452)
  • TPS-3952 [7.2.1] Required Libraries pop-up appears after each restart of studio (TUP-26752)
  • TPS-4017 [7.2.1] org.talend.commons.exception.CommonExceptionHandler - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException (TUP-25961)
  • TPS-4054 [7.2.1] Data Service with Talend Component kit fails on Talend RuntimeEngine (TCOMP-1681, TESB-28316)
  • TPS-4056 [7.2.1] The parent DI job misses to load some required libraries from the Spark job (TUP-26728)
  • TPS-4006 [7.2.1] Error create a Sybase connection in metadata and cannot retrieve tables (TUP-26896)
  • TPS-3960 [7.2.1] Building standalone route (.kar) with custom group id and routelet fails (TESB-28816)
  • TPS-4049 [7.2.1] cSOAP - Advanced Settings - Log Messages (TESB-28929)
  • TPS-3948 [7.2.1] TDP Components - TDataPrepRun Token expiration must be taken into account (TDI-43822)
  • TPS-4005 [7.2.1] tRestClient when called in a DS job using tRunJob fails to load in the runtime(TESB-28815)
  • TPS-3878 [7.2.1] Pulling and Merging a branch should automatically account for the branch name in various properties
  • TPS-3953 [7.2.1] Table name in eltinput component, the default table is taken into consideration (TUP-26750)
  • TPS-3877 [7.2.1] Items in Studio get deleted and cannot be recovered, even if items are locked (TUP-26399)
  • TPS-3906 [7.2.1] tRouteFault causing "javax.activation.DataHandler cannot be resolved" with Java 11 (TESB-28521)
  • TPS-3945 [7.2.1] After migrating from 6.3 to 7.2 the job has compiler errors.(TDQ-18220)
  • TPS-3819 [7.2.1][20200417] Incorrect Encoding in Parquet File (TBD-10067)
  • TPS-3823 [7.2.1]Nexus 2 gets populated by different crypto-utils jar versions (TUP-26308)
  • TPS-3826 [7.2.1]Relative path not working in Talend v721 (TUP-26231)
  • TPS-3863 [7.2.1]Job is referring to the joblet present in the reference job even after we delete it from the main job(TUP-26475)
  • TPS-3864 [7.2.1] Files from custom component folders are uploaded to nexus multiple times (TUP-26346)
  • TPS-3874 [7.2.1] Null Value Treated as in Subjob (TDI-43619)
  • TPS-3888 [7.2.1] routines is duplicated in the reactor (TUP-24310)
  • TPS-3915 [7.2.1] Dynamic Schema default Mapping can't be changed (TUP-26229)
  • TPS-3924 [7.2.1]Studio is very slow to build the job,the performance issue(TUP-26482)
  • TPS-3921 [7.2.1] tELTHiveMap doesn't pass context variable properly (TUP-24955)
  • TPS-3778 [7.2.1] Sqoop issue with parquet/avro format with HDP 2.6 (TBD-9956)
  • TPS-3824 [7.2.1] Talend to MongoDB with SSL Connection(TUP-26155)
  • TPS-3830 [7.2.1] Cannot create a new preparation from tDataPrepRun (TUP-23517 & TDP-7188)
  • TPS-3817 [7.2.1] [20200327]Compilation error on streaming job with tMap and tHBaseLookupInput (TBD-9207)
  • TPS-3846 [7.2.1] [20200327] Advanced option is not considered when using tHDFSPut in Standard jobs (TBD-10157)
  • TPS-3745 [7.2.1] Studio re synchronizing jars with artifact repository every time when logged into studio (TUP-25929)
  • TPS-3800 [7.2.1] Building standalone route (.kar) with routelet fails(TESB-28294)
  • TPS-3452 [7.2.1] Date and Time is not displaying when the Preferred Language is French(TUP-24728)
  • TPS-3761 [7.2.1] Display issue for the line between Linker source and target on Mac and Ubuntu(TUP-25889)
  • TPS-3772 [7.2.1] Test Case Created in Child Job is not Executed when Building Master Job (TUP-25965)
  • TPS-3792 [7.2.1] metadata connection with proxy may not select proxy properly (TUP-26189)
  • TPS-3794 [7.2.1] Add support of Nexus 3.19.1 to the 7.2 studio version (TUP-26247)
  • TPS-3806 [7.2.1] Get NPE if use 'Copy To Branch' when logon on a SVN project branch (TUP-25932)
  • TPS-3849 [7.2.1] MDM components causing 'ClassCastException: cannot be cast to' in SOAP Service (TESB-28255)
  • TPS-3865 [7.2.1] Duplicate dependencies in POM.xml for routes lead to compile issues (TESB-28130)
  • TPS-3831 [7.2.1] Some job including customer component can't generate code migrated from 6.3.1 to 7.2.1 (TUP-26344)
  • TPS-3787 [7.2.1] Cannot build a job by CI (maven) after updating multiple job versions (TUP-26132)
  • TPS-3798 [7.2.1] Bug in component tAggregareRow with Spark jobs(TBD-10080)
  • TPS-3796 [7.2.1] Main class is generated by DataFabric build, but not by BigData build (TUP-26154)
  • TPS-3795 [7.2.1] Incorrect message is observed in the tWarn component (TUP-25959)
  • TPS-3815 [7.2.1] tELTMap generated query has extra symbols generated when more input mapping in component (TUP-26264)
  • TPS-3753 [7.2.1] Cannot publish a Route with Routelet when project has a reference project (TESB-27979)
  • TPS-3759 [7.2.1] Error sending mail with attachment (multipart) (TESB-27893)
  • TPS-3707 [7.2.1] The CI build for OSGi bundles and features are not deploying to maven remote repository. (TESB-27370)
  • TPS-3719 [7.2.1] Interger values are read as string after applying TPS-3637 (TUP-25777)
  • TPS-3749 [7.2.1] tELTMap generated query has extra symbols generated. (TUP-25943)
  • TPS-3758 [7.2.1][20200228] Compilation error on tAvroOutput (TBD-9906)
  • TPS-3775 [7.2.1] Syncing of project and pom files doesn't happen initially (TUP-25951)
  • TPS-3781 [7.2.1][20200228] Job corruption after migrating to 7.2 (TBD-9928)
  • TPS-3790 [7.2.1] Cannot build a job by CI (maven) after updating job version of child job by tRunJob (TUP-26188)
  • TPS-3666 [7.2.1]tRecollector compilation issue(TUP-25352)
  • TPS-3788 [7.2.1] Additional fixes for 7.2.1 release(TUP-26170)(TUP-26161)
  • TPS-3729 [7.2.1] Error "Caused by: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0" while running spark job against HDInsight cluster. (TBD-9864)
  • TPS-3748 [7.2.1] Studio throws stackoverfolow error while downloading from azure devops repository(TUP-25967)
  • TPS-3689 [7.2.1] Multiple tSortRow components throw compilation error in 7.2.1 (TBD-9575)
  • TPS-3688 [7.2.1] Compilation error - cannot convert from JavaPairRDD to JavaPairRDD (TBD-9751)
  • TPS-3649 [7.2.1] Need improve speed of build for jobs with children on CI Builder [part 2] (TUP-25409)
  • TPS-3677 [7.2.1] After jobserver patch, studio will sometimes hit 100% cpu indefinitely on random jobs
  • TPS-3678 [7.2.1] Created a new test case and run it, can not show up the test result on the right panel(TUP-24273)
  • TPS-3695 [7.2.1] NPE while building a route in Studio (TESB-27614)
  • TPS-3629 [7.2.1] Remove user credentials from talend project.(TUP-24432)
  • TPS-3636 [7.2.1] schema hardcoded in guess query in tDBInput component (TUP-25406)
  • TPS-3676 [7.2.1] tNetsuiteInput throws cast error when switching from use tNetsuiteConnection to use this component(TUP-24148)
  • TPS-3544 [7.2.1] [20200103] Spark Job fails with "NoSuchMethodError" against EMR 5.15 (TBD-9489)
  • TPS-3617 [7.2.1] [20200103] Compilation error on spark jobs after migrating to 7.2.1 (TBD-9641, TBD-9631)
  • TPS-3621 [7.2.1] Request patch for TESB-27266 (TESB-27266)
  • TPS-3625 [7.2.1] CI-Builder fails to publish a route due to "src\main\resources\feature\feature.xml not found" (TESB-27578)
  • TPS-3654 [7.2.1] [20200103] [EMR 5.15] Job fails with "Incorrect path,job's name or context's name may contain illegal characters" Error (TBD-9675)
  • TPS-3659 [7.2.1] script15706208930651409502535 cannot be cast to groovy.lang.Script (TESB-27172)
  • TPS-3616 [7.2.1] Artifact structure in Nexus is wrong for Routes with Routelets (TESB-27437)
  • TPS-3650 [7.2.1] Data loss issue with tMelissaDataAddress (TDQ-17667)
  • TPS-3655 [7.2.1] Profiling Error for Snowflake - For more number of fields selected(TDQ-17301,TDQ-17324,TDQ-17392)
  • TPS-3567 [7.2.1] NPE when using joblets from reference Projects (TUP-25099)
  • TPS-3673 [7.2.1] JSON metadata wizard for output mode throws class cast exception on Linux and Mac| tMongodbOutput mapping linkage is not showing up from macOS studio(TUP-25522,TUP-23984)
  • TPS-3549 [7.2.1] Nexus 3 gets populated by crypto-utils.jar (TUP-24953)
  • TPS-3587 [7.2.1] Error "XML format is incorrect", when customer try to define a 'File XML metadata' using a XSD file (TUP-24954)
  • TPS-3635 [7.2.1] External jar sync issue in studio using tLibraryLoad(TUP-25194)
  • TPS-3612 [7.2.1] Could not find the context Default (TESB-27447)
  • TPS-3590 [7.2.1] tJDBCRaw and tJDBCInput behave differently in 6.3.1 and 7.2.1 (TDI-43212)
  • TPS-3637 [7.2.1] ELTMap bug in column expression while using context variable as a parameter (TUP-22361)
  • TPS-3552 [7.2.1] [20191206] tuniquerow doesn't generate code (TBD-9372)
  • TPS-3563 [7.2.1] [20191206] tMap with Inner Join and All Match gives different result with Spark 2.x (TBD-9511)
  • TPS-3565 [7.2.1] Route containing config file fails when deployed (TESB-27207)
  • TPS-3474 [7.2.1] Studio Code tab doesn't generate code/show errors in Job (TUP-24732)
  • TPS-3483 [7.2.1] Check out function is missing From Studio->Job->Git History (TUP-24630)
  • TPS-3491 [7.2.1] Modification in Context Variables is not propagating to all jobs.(TUP-24748)
  • TPS-3585 [7.2.1] Cannot publish job using tRestClient as Docker Image (TESB-27082)
  • TPS-3518 [7.2.1] Not able to download some additional jar via https proxy (TUP-24749)
  • TPS-3542 [7.2.1] ELTMap / Teradata connexion fixes(TUP-24885,TUP-24937,TUP-24944,TUP-25218)
  • TPS-3531 [7.2.1] CI 7.2.1 Fails: Missing org.talend.components in the Artifact repository(TUP-24365)
  • TPS-3550 [7.2.1] [20191122] [MapR 5.2] tMapRDBOutput_1StructOutputFormat.class is having compiler issue (TBD-9487)
  • TPS-3560 [7.2.1] Dependency issues on spark joblets(TUP-25123,TUP-24884)
  • TPS-3468 [7.2.1] Cumulative Patch - 20191108
  • TPS-3487 [7.2.1] Error when a service use two tESBconsumer component in a dataservice job (TESB-27085)
  • TPS-3502 [7.2.1] Issue with Context Variable(TESB-27101)
  • TPS-3507 [7.2.1] Jobs are failing with the error "Cannot find or load the main class" when imported the project export from 6.3 to 7.2 (TUP-24786)
  • TPS-3451 [7.2.1] Code-> routine section does not allow user to edit "required" checkbox(TUP-24613)
  • TPS-3457 [7.2.1] [20191108] Big data job on Google Dataproc failing with NoSuchMethodError (TBD-9202)
  • TPS-3513 [7.2.1] [20191108] Job fails with "Incorrect path,job's name or context's name may contain illegal characters" Error (TUP-23637)
  • TPS-3538 [7.2.1] Integrate tacokit 1.1.14 release
  • TPS-3529 [7.2.1] Context does not transmit to Job called by route in the second call in runtime (TESB-27123)
  • TPS-3554 [7.2.1] Job fails with compilation error (TBD-9508)
  • TPS-3478 [7.2.1] Studio fails to sync jars with Artifactory if password has '@' character in it (TUP-24735)
  • TPS-3431 [7.2.1] Not able to see the component error in the Studio Designer (TUP-24607)
  • TPS-3479 [7.2.1] Compilation error on the job with project references (TUP-24623)
  • TPS-3489 [7.2.1] Build error with tRunJob on a spark job (TUP-24784)
  • TPS-3476 [7.2.1] [20191018] Spark job fails on databricks when 'trim all' option is selected in the advanced settings of tFileInputDelimited component (TBD-9334)
  • TPS-3460 [7.2.1] [20191101] "Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes" Error with HD Insight Cluster (TBD-9289)
  • TPS-3421 [7.2.1] Following TDI-42674, update dependency for Redshift database metadata (TUP-23960)
  • TPS-3401 [7.2.1] JDBCInput component not working as expected when values as provided using context (TUP-24392)
  • TPS-3449 [7.2.1] Route persists error even after resolving the issue(TESB-26300)
  • TPS-3459 [7.2.1] Change Databricks API calls for Databricks 5.4 (TBD-9316)
  • TPS-3413 [7.2.1] Default Context environment appended after migrating to 7.2.1 (TUP-24355)
  • TPS-3429 [7.2.1] [20190919] - ES6 support on tMatchIndex/tMatchIndexPredict (TDQ-16220)
  • TPS-3336 [7.2.1] Improve Tck integration/installation/update in 7.2.1 (TUP-23106,TUP-23967,TUP-23264,TUP-23536,TUP-24226,TUP-24084)
  • TPS-3402 [7.2.1] Build silently fails if Route calls a Routelet of different versions (TESB-26578)
  • TPS-3422 [7.2.1] "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/talend/repository/services/model/services/ServiceItem" in studio(TESB-26856)
  • TPS-3386 [7.2.1] Path in Textbox of "To archive file" is incomplete when building job (TUP-22646)
  • TPS-3389 [7.2.1] Projects are switched to read only mode while reconnecting the session (TUP-24272)
  • TPS-3387 [7.2.1] keyword "TABLE" not working for tJDBCxxxx components (TUP-24326)
  • TPS-3406 [7.2.1] [Azure] Add Azure datacenter part of the studio connection
  • TPS-3359 [7.2.1] JDBC metadata connection for Redshift when exported as context, unable to retrieve schema (TUP-24232)
  • TPS-3323 [7.2.1] Error with cSplitter and jsonpath langage (TESB-26549)
  • TPS-3383 [7.2.1] Jobs with tWindow not compiling in Spark Streaming Jobs - Studio 7.2.1 (TBD-9096)
  • TPS-3374 [7.2.1] ERROR when Job in MDM project calling Job in Reference DI project:import routines.DataQuality cannot be resolved (TUP-23743)
  • TPS-3291 [7.2.1] Rest Dataservice with Microservice build type fails with error LoggerFactory is not a Logback (TESB-26574)
  • TPS-3303 [7.2.1] ESB - Docker Support for Microservices - CI Part (TESB-24597)
  • TPS-3340 [7.2.1] Problem with Data Service Rest publishing (maven plugin) (TESB-26711)
  • TPS-3334 [7.2.1] Snowflake components issue with cloud licence (TUP-24130)
  • TPS-3243 [7.2.1] Backporting the support of Databricks 5.x and ADLS Gen 2 (TBD-7856) + Spark Batch fixes (TBD-8836, TBD-8850) + Configurable poll interval for Databricks job status (TBD-9006)
  • TPS-3294 [7.2.1] Change security encryption of nexus (TUP-23087)
  • TPS-3318 [7.2.1] Issue with nexus setup with cloud (TUP-24046)
  • TPS-3287 [7.2.1] Cannot add more than 5 columns in tAggregateRow (TBD-8860)
  • TPS-3273 [7.2.1] Error in calling spark job from trunjob job inside standard job (TUP-23950)
  • TPS-3249 [7.2.1] Regression caused by TUP-21532 for ESB use case using tRunJob (TUP-23755)
  • TPS-3263 [7.2.1] Studio changes in column order are not saved (no propagate changes dialog) (TUP-23809)
  • TPS-3268 [7.2.1] ClassNotFoundException of the class of the job called by tRunJob in Routes (TESB-26048)
  • TPS-3269 [7.2.1] [Java 11] Failures when publishing to cloud using CI (maven plugin) (TESB-26461)
  • TPS-3270 [7.2.1] Duplicated libraries in private & import packages of the build manifest file (TESB-26293)


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Studio 7.2.1 must be installed.
  • TPS-4268, need to replace {Studio_Home}/configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/ci/builder-maven-plugin/7.2.1/builder-maven-plugin-7.2.1.jar by the one inside this patch
  • To make TPS-3340 or TPS-3269 totally work, please replace the cloudpublisher-maven-plugin-7.2.1.jar into "{Studio_Home}/configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/ci/cloudpublisher-maven-plugin/7.2.1" from "repository/org/talend/ci/cloudpublisher-maven-plugin/7.2.1" in patch zip.
  • To make TPS-3243 or TPS-3459 totally work:
  • In the "{Studio_Home}/configuration/config.ini" file, add the following entry: ,org.talend.hadoop.distribution.dbr540@start
  • Clean the libraries installed on the Databricks cluster. To do this:
    1. On the cluster side, click the "Libraries" tab and then select the check box to select all the libraries.
    2. Click "Uninstall".
    3. Restart the cluster.
  • To make TPS-3269 totally work, please replace the cloudpublisher-maven-plugin-7.2.1.jar into "{Studio_Home}/configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/ci/cloudpublisher-maven-plugin/7.2.1" from "repository/org/talend/ci/cloudpublisher-maven-plugin/7.2.1" in patch zip.
  • To make TPS-3531,TPS-3649 totally work, please replace the builder-maven-plugin-7.2.1.jar into "{Studio_Home}/configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/ci/builder-maven-plugin/7.2.1" from "repository/org/talend/ci/builder-maven-plugin/7.2.1" in patch zip.
  • To make TPS-3429 totally work when installing the patch using Commandline, Before starting the studio, need to delete the folder Configuration/org.eclipse.osgi
  • To make TPS-3655(TDQ-17301,TDQ-17324,TDQ-17392) totally work, please remove this folder "{Studio_Home}/configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/libraries/"


Installing the patch for Cloud Studio

  • If you want to fetch license from cloud Azure - USA West (for TPS-3406)

    1) Open "{your_patch_zip}/plugins".

    2) Open "{Studio_home}/configuration/org.talend.configurator/".

    3) CHANGE the version of org.talend.license.gui and org.talend.license.gui.talend in the last two lines) TO the version of the jars in plugins.


    The jars in plugin folder of the patch zip are "org.talend.license.gui_7.2.1.20190909_1200-patch.jar" and "org.talend.license.gui.talend_7.2.1.20190909_1200-patch.jar", MODIFY them in file to "org.talend.license.gui,,plugins/org.talend.license.gui_7.2.1.20190909_1200-patch.jar,4,false" and "org.talend.license.gui.talend,,plugins/org.talend.license.gui.talend_7.2.1.20190909_1200-patch.jar,4,false"

Installing the patch using Software update

1) Logon TAC and switch to Configuration->Software Update, then enter the correct values and save referring to the documentation:

2) Switch to Software update page, where the new patch will be listed. The patch can be downloaded from here into the nexus repository.

3) On Studio Side: Logon Studio with remote mode, on the logon page the Update button is displayed: click this button to install the patch.

Installing the patch using Talend Studio

1) Create a folder named "patches" under your studio installer directory and copy the patch .zip file to this folder.

2) Restart your studio: a window pops up, then click OK to install the patch, or restart the commandline and the patch will be installed automatically.

Installing the patch using Commandline

Execute the following commands:

  1. Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.exe -nosplash -application org.talend.commandline.CommandLine -consoleLog -data commandline-workspace startServer -p 8002 --talendDebug
  2. initRemote {tac_url} -ul {TAC login username} -up {TAC login password}
  3. checkAndUpdate -tu {TAC login username} -tup {TAC login password}

After installing the patch, you need to stop CommandLine and clean the org.eclipse.osgi folder under the {Talend-Studio}/configuration directory, where {Talend-Studio} is the installation directory of your Talend Studio.