Encrypting clear text parameters and passwords - 6.5

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The Talend ESB Runtime provides a utility to enable you to encrypt your desired clear text parameters and passwords. You can there after use the encrypted values in your configuration and property files.

Follow these steps to use this utility:

  1. Set the environment variable TESB_ENV_PASSWORD in esb/container/bin/setenv.bat as follows:


    Where pwd can be anything you specified.

    This is the master password used by the container to encrypt all the desired parameters and passwords.

  2. Start the Talend Runtime container.

  3. Install the tesb-encryptor-command feature in the container:

    karaf@trun()>feature:install tesb-encryptor-command
  4. Get an encrypted string for 'tadmin' for example by entering the following command in the container:

    karaf@trun()> tesb:encrypt-text tadmin

    You will get the following result: