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The commands within the config: scope are used to modify configuration data of Karaf instances (data stored in the /etc folder of the Karaf instance.) Updates take effect immediately without need of restarting Karaf. Note there is also a ConfigMBean that can be used to do this configuration within JMX.

Table 1. config Scope commands




config:cancel  Cancels the changes to the configuration being edited.
config:delete[options] pidDeletes a configuration.
config:edit[options] pidCreates or edits a configuration.
config:list[query]Lists existing configurations.
config:meta[options]Lists meta type information.
config:property-append[options] name valueAppends the given value to an existing property or creates the property with the specified name and value.
config:property-delete[options] propertyDeletes a property from the configuration being edited.
config:property-list[options]Lists properties from the currently edited configuration.
config:property-set[options] property valueSets a property in the currently edited configuration.
config:update Saves and propagates changes from the configuration being edited